I asked Mike to make a picture of himself for our Fleer-Ultra-style contributor cards, but I didn’t bother specifying anything about pants. Now I know his default setting for pants is FALSE.
Mike’s been around the webcomics block more than most, and his importance to Very Mint is incalculable… if ya catch mah drift. Er– wait. What?
NEXT WEEK we have the most disgusting Bones to Pick yet, Newt’s Static Theatre continues to deliver, some crazy shit will happen with The Obelisk, further development on that panda f*cker in Les Unnaturals, some new faces In the Morning, Before Work, and we dive deeper into the crazy world of We Are Destruction. Thanks to our artists and, most importantly, our readers for another successful week.

March 11, 2012

One Response to “Artist Spotlight: Mike Gioia”

  1. KingCommie says:

    Hah! This is fun. I like the card idear. Pants are optional. I take mine off once I get home from work. Pants are bullshit.

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