May 28, 2012

20 responses to “Doctor’s Goiters”

  1. Astrid Thorne says:

    Goiter is such a gross word. I wonder how Blennie will get this fixed.

  2. David Butterfield says:

    Um, goiters are a condition that is nowhere near the navel. Hernia, maybe?

  3. Brent McCall says:

    If it were on the neck it wouldn’t look so inappropriate.

  4. Hawk 'n' Hock says:

    I don’t understand. He bellybutton was already showing and it’s too high up to be his wiener. Like that other guy said, it can’t be a goiter.

    • noah says:

      It’s not a goiter, like there is no “doctor”, it’s just a punny title. Don’t worry, there’s nothing to understand about any of this.

    • Hawk 'n' Hock says:

      So he didn’t know what his bellybutton was? Why did he have to pull down his pants?

      • Brent McCall says:

        Because he is a dumb character. Because it is a cartoon. Because the joke doesn’t work if you can see it the whole time. Because ACME only makes tumors that grow under the seam of a toon’s pant. Because the devil told me to do it. Because I love and feed off of your confusion. Because break-dance lessons cost too much. Because I wear tighty whities and they constrict the blood flow to my head, which is up my ass. Because Elvis lives and loves everyone.
        Thanks for reading,

  5. track100 says:

    Breakdance lessons are only $32 in Lawrence ( How is that too much?

  6. KingCommie says:

    This whole exchange makes your lack of medical accuracy worth it. Now, how many of these accounts are Brent Smith?

  7. Brent McCall says:

    Sometimes I make murder with my hands.

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