Born Mystic is going on an indefinite hiatus.



First off, to those of you who are enjoying the series, I’d like to apologize for pulling the rug out from under you. I am deeply sorry that I can’t give my full commitment to this story, and it’s not fair to either of us for it to continue in this way.


Born Mystic is a story that I’ve been toying with in one form or another for years now. It’s a story I want to tell, but it’s not one I currently feel capable of doing justice. I had hoped that if I started work on it that the pieces would all fall together, but that simply hasn’t happened.

Truthfully? I’ve started to resent having to have something up every week.


So, with a heavy heart, I hereby put this story to bed for the time being. I’m going to miss Earl, CJ and Doctor Richard Cain, but doing something half assed isn’t good enough for them.


Until We Meet Again…

WT Harmon

September 26, 2014

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