Ldl Strip

May 7, 2013

3 responses to “L’d’l Newt’s Static Mixer”

  1. David Butterfield says:

    I’ve got a big fat FYI for you here. I hated like crazy to interrupt the ongoing story that’s been running for the last few weeks, but when one’s hard drive crashes then all plans are rendered moot. I ‘d like to send a big shout-out to Todd Schwartz for his last-minute assist on getting this week’s entry posted. Thanks also to Noah Rodenbeek for helping me find the admin entrance to the site, along with other technical info that vanished with the hard drive. I’ve got good back-up, so barring any further misshaps I should be back on track by next week. Incidently, the above strip is the first one I’ve posted without the benefit of backend computer tweaks. Any compositional flaws or unerased pencil lines are because I had to go with the last minute raw scans, again through the auspices of the inimitable Todd. Long may he wave!

    • Jim Luhning says:

      Kudos to You and Todd for “Art Bravery”, way beyond the call of duty! I’m so sorry to learn of the “Crash”, something that scares the hell out of Me! BTW, great offering this week and thanks for clearing up the true meaning of Art for Me!

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