May 29, 2012

4 responses to “King o’ the World 1.8: Special Thanks to All My Very Mint Colleagues. (Please don’t sue me.)”

  1. Barboo of Oz says:

    Well, that was fun! And although I did not laugh very hard, by the end of the texty bit at the end, I somehow had some laugh-tears, which is a very good sign.

    But I’m afraid I am not sufficiently sophisticated in the way of the comic. I only knew three of them! 🙁 My favorite bit, and it was perfect to put him at the end, was Tom Terrific. I haven’t seen him probably for decades! Maybe you can work Mighty Manfred the Wonder Dog in someplace next time? He had such a funny-looking nose.

    There was one character that looked a bit like an abstract turkey, next to the word “soul”, that I momentarily thought was Popeye. I was so happy! At first. But alas… I must now accept the fact that I am a comic-character ignoramus.

    Nevertheless, I enjoyed this comic Terrifically, and I wish you many sophisticated fans.

    Also, I wish you luck.

    • David Butterfield says:

      You nailed it first time, Barboo. That picture you identified as Popeye was indeed a portrait of him. I sometimes experiment with seeing how many changes can be made to iconic cartoon characters before they become unrecognizable. This turkey was the result. This and the other cartoons were included through the happenstance of finding clear images in my files. There are also drawings lifted from the other artists on the VeryMint site. I thought it would be fun to expand the cartoon universe a little, and that a potpourri of cartoon “souls” would be appropriate to the episode. The challenge was a bit of a cheat on my part, I’m afraid. It was not my intention to assign ignoramus status to anyone, let alone a charter member of the Revolutionary Court of Advisors. Mea culpa.

  2. Forsythe Pendleton Jones says:

    Man, what’s with the obsession with copyright? It’s so redundant, and, honestly, I can’t imagine anyone wanting to steal any of this from you. Maybe you should start focusing on the art work and creating an actual storyline instead of pissing me off every Tuesday.

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