Welcome back to Not Fit For Print Month! We’re on week two, and today we’re taking a peek at The S.A.M.E.? a soft Sci-Fi strip in the vein of Doctor Who. I think the premise is explained here, but let me lay it out anyway: A Symbiotic Alien Metamorphic Entity, the only one of it’s kind, comes to Earth. It finds a dying human to Join with, a relationship that benefits both parties. The S.A.M.E. gets a form to use to learn about and interact with other beings for the first time. Contessa gets a minor healing factor and a greatly increased intellect. Together, they call themselves The Guardian. The strip would feature Inter-dimensional Adventure, Alien Encounters and more than a little World Saving.


What’s coming up next? Even I’m not sure. The S.A.M.E. wasn’t even on the docket when I planned this thing!


Until Next Week…

February 14, 2014

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