February 28, 2012

8 responses to “Wally is Wuv”

  1. Matt says:

    An incredibly unique critique of religion. Love it!

    • David Butterfield says:

      Thank you, Matt. Wally has long had his share of dealing with various aspects of wuvability. Some have been printed in a loosely distributed comical-type book here in Lawrence. I’m certain when the well runs dry (soonish) that I’ll show them here in a snappy new scrollable version. L’D’L Newt’s Static Theatre is nothing if not all things for all men.

  2. Enzo says:

    Absolutely love the style, David.
    Looking forward to the future and admiring the present.

    • David Butterfield says:

      Thank you, Enzo. I have been watching your work with great interest. You make comics which transcend the “stories for boys” turf. I am anticipating that your next post (number 4) will prove to be most illuminating. I’m kind of loving the mix we have here in this mysteriously assembled union.

  3. Rube Sanchez says:

    It scared me… with it’s insight. nice fucking job

    • David Butterfield says:

      Thanks, Rube. I’m delighted to scare you. I hope you poop your pants soon with my upcoming material. Since I am heavily invested in the P&G Depends Division, it would be win-win all the way.

  4. KingCommie says:

    I dig your scrolling scrollery of scrollation…using the browser as viewer and part of the process. Like we talked about, you’re putting into action something most people just talk about. It’s working.

    • David Butterfield says:

      Thank you, Sire. Although some of my future posts will refuse to lend themselves to such scrollduggery, I fully intend to explore the format further. As Mr. McCloud so eloquently pointed out, we are not confined to the limits of the printed page here in the e-world. Like the base paths of the Great American Pastime, our boundaries extend into infinity. That’s worth at least a look.

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