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December 18, 2012

3 responses to “Peace Out”

  1. anomnomnomynous says:

    i thought you were on hiatus what’s the deal?

    • David Butterfield says:

      Dear Anonymouse, there are two schools of thought on this matter. You may decide which one more satisfies your sense of bewildered what-the-hellness and apply it liberally to the sore spot.

      Answer One: It’s the end of the world! None of the old rules apply! We are all DOOMED! DOOOOMED, I tell you, and anarchy is the only rational choice, because IT’S THE END OF THE FREAKING WORLD!!!

      Answer Two: When “Very Mint Comics” went on hiatus, there were some guidelines set out for any posts we may want to offer during this cool-down period. We could offer previews of coming works, present guest artists, or do posts that reflect ideas unrelated to our regular weekly ongoing comics. I have been playing with these rules because it has amused me, and because I had an unbroken string of weekly posts and I didn’t want to break my rhythm. I realized that I was skirting the edges of acceptability, and so I decided that guest artists were my best choice for Playing Well With the Other Guys. I have been very lucky, as artists I admire agreed to allow me to show their work, and I have filled in with other pieces that reflected current events, which is not the usual focus for L’d’l Newt and his Barnyard Pals. I had an artist lined up for the above post, and at the last minute he told me that his piece wouldn’t be ready. What to do? I remembered that the Apocalypse was due on Friday, and so I quickly assembled some pages relating to that topic and ran with it. L’d’l Newt did not make an appearance, and so it just squeaked by under the guidelines. It was not an elegant solution, but it fulfilled my personal resolution to not break my run of weekly posts.

      In my opinion, you should go with Answer One. Next week on Christmas day I’ll post a holiday message, because that’s the way I roll. And you, my Anonymoose friend, will have to come to terms with the fact that I am going to be here each and every time a Tuesday comes around, because the Static Theatre has room for men and women of all races, creeds and shoe sizes, and because that is the American Way we have all come to know and love! Now drop and give me twenty, soldier!

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