April 3, 2012

9 responses to “King o’ the World 1.3”

  1. Brent McCall says:

    Please tell me your middle name is Van Dame.

  2. KingCommie says:

    When do we get to see your massive amount of hentai output?

  3. Dean Bevan says:

    So give L’D’L Newt a beard. That’ll satisfy them.

    • David Butterfield says:

      I am becoming increasingly uncomfortable at the depth of this need for hentai. I’ll just forward a couple of links to you guys. Incidentally, L’D’L Newt is incapable of growing a beard, due to the massive amounts of keratin utilized in the growth of his horn. He’s a little sensitive about it, so try not to bring it up again, please.

  4. Dean Bevan says:

    OK, well, not to speak of his–never mind, I’m not speaking of it–but why not just show the Justice Department his birth certificate? Or is there a problem?

    • David Butterfield says:

      It is a matter of perception with the J Boys, and reality has little to do with it. It’s the same rationale that leads to incontinent grandfathers being strip-searched at the airports.

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