Cold, drowning ant-death!Shout-out and big ups to my homie…keepin’ it real on the twitter tip, @leeleslie for straight-up unknowingly letting me use his tweet for my latest Jimi Pukko panel, yo! His tweets be tiiiiight, yo.

June 13, 2012

3 responses to “Jimi on gardening…”

  1. David Butterfield says:

    You are one of the good ones. This is very impressive.

  2. dale says:

    Hey, I have that same effect on plants! Way to go, Jimi Pukko!

  3. KingCommie says:

    More Jimi Pukko in future weeks. Next up? Shero and Dolphin In Therapy. All the while, working towards a bigger NCW page AND Obelisk pages! No more missing a week EVER though. This I vow!

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