In case you missed the announcement on our Facebook Page, we’re offering a prize to our 100th Like. The Centurion Fan will receive a free Very Mint Poster (featuring today’s illustration and special work from every Very Mint Artist) and a free T-Shirt from our shop. We’re also offering the same prize to a randomly-drawn name from a pool of people that share our links on Facebook for the rest of this week… which is a very small pool indeed so get into it, people.
Thank you for coming to read Very Mint. We do it all for the readers! And the bitches, of course, but mostly the readers. Okay, so mostly for the bitches, but second-most for the readers.

July 2, 2012

3 responses to “Birth of Dumpy”

  1. Eric Pannell says:

    That is unfortunate, I do not have a Facebook page (I can’t stand Facebook).The prizes sound cool though.

    • noah says:

      Sorry, man, the whole idea for the prize stemmed from us approaching the 100th FB like. Thanks for your interest though! That makes me want to do more in the future.

  2. Brent McCall says:

    That nipple is like a light switch for my erection.

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