Another day, another WTF. I won’t bore you with the full extent of my computer woes. Anyone who has a history with these soulless  monsters can go toe to toe with me with their own horror stories. Indeed, it’s too early for hair wrenching screams of despair, as I’m still in the teeth-gnashing-waves-of-tedium stage of file recovery. I will share with you that I have successfully  downloaded a backup from my service, only to find that it was a backup from two years ago, and not the backup from two weeks ago that I was looking for. Considering that it took one and a half days to achieve this feat, WTF is not too strong a statement to express my reaction to this unwelcome development. I have a full week to figure this one out before my next post, but only a few hours before this week’s deadline, so here we go with another dip into the files for your entertainment purposes. I actually kind of like this drawing, and have been looking forward to sharing it for some time, but the opportunity has not arrived before today. Let us all count our blessings, and please send good thoughts my way as I slog my way through the wretched digital swamps in the days to come. Remember, dear readers: I do it all for you. Peace out. ©2013dvdb

May 14, 2013

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